Arch Electric begins construction on Large Solar Projects in Western Wisconsin.

Arch Electric - Wisconsin Solar Installation Experts - 3.085MW Utility Solar Installation (Black River Falls) June 21, 2021 3:51 pm
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Arch Electric has begun construction on 4 projects in Jackson and Buffalo Counties in partnership with OneEnergy Renewables.

When completed, the rated capacity of the systems will total 12,575 Kilowatts peak capacity.  Local rural electric cooperatives will purchase the power generated by the solar systems, resulting in savings on both energy supply and transmission expense. These savings will be passed onto the cooperative’s members.

The 4 systems all feature ground-mounted arrays that track the sun on one axis from east to west throughout the day, increasing energy production.  Additionally, the projects use bi-facial panels, which harvest solar energy on both the front and the backside, which makes them particularly productive during winter months with snow on the ground, harvesting the albedo effect.

According to OneEnergy Renewables Project Developer, Eric Udelhofen of Madison, WI, “OneEnergy has always designed our projects to integrate seamlessly into the rural, agricultural settings in which they are located, and these projects are no exception. We are planting either a pollinator habitat, which benefits insects, birds, and wildlife or a pasture mix, which is designed to be grazed by sheep. These plantings will allow the projects to integrate well into the surrounding agricultural lands while simultaneously improving the soil quality on site. We partnered with four Wisconsin farm families to host the projects on their property, and look forward to serving these landowners, communities, utilities, and other stakeholders as we construct these projects over the next five months.”

Ed Zinthefer, President of Arch Electric, commented that he is excited to see the progress of solar in the state. “Years ago, solar was a cost-prohibitive and nascent industry, but the technology has matured, and the industry has evolved to the point where solar is economically compelling and has the ancillary benefits of clean, quiet, and dependable operations.”

All four projects are slated to be completed by the end of October 2021, when they will be fully generational and producing clean energy.


About OneEnergy Renewables:

OneEnergy’s mission is to deliver practical renewable energy projects and make clean energy the number one electricity choice for consumers and utilities. As a solar energy developer, OneEnergy partners with landowners and communities to deliver breakthrough clean energy facilities. Since 2009, OneEnergy has developed and sold more than 700MW of solar projects across 70 distinct solar energy sites across the United States. The company has a strong regional presence in Madison, Wisconsin, and is based in Seattle, Washington.


About Arch Electric:

Arch Electric is the leading Solar and Energy Storage Expert in Wisconsin.  Arch has invested in solar technology since 2003 and has over 60 Mega Watts of solar installations in over 900 custom projects, including several home supporting battery systems, ground-mounted systems, commercial rooftop systems like IKEA in Oak Creek, WI, small scale utility projects, and every kind of residential and agricultural rooftop system.





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