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Arch Electric Solar is a solar energy leader in Wisconsin, nearly doubling its workforce over the last 18 months.

We’re currently hiring installers and electricians

Arch Electric HeadquartersRecently Arch Electric Solar officially purchased the commercial building it had been renting for the past year. This decision will free up additional resources in the long run to reinvest into the business.

The solar industry is becoming more accepted as a mainstream energy source, with prices dropping dramatically, making it a viable investment for everyone. Not to mention the government’s highest tax credits on solar energy will be completely expired by 2022, which is likely leading the speedy push towards more solar power in recent years.

Sheboygan county, where the Arch Electric Solar headquarters is located, is listed as a leading county for greenhouse gas pollution in Wisconsin.

Edward Zinthefer, president and CEO of Arch Electric Solar says,

“Our vision is to drastically reduce that number and continue helping the environment in our local community. My main goal, combined with curbing greenhouse gases, is that every consumer in our local community — and beyond — will have access to affordable renewable energy and the ability to store it for later use.”

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