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Wisconsin business owner Cal Couillard had Arch Electric install 697 solar panels on the roof of his Edgerton Componex manufacturing facility this past year.

Around the time he decided to install panels at his business, Couillard attended a seminar. “It was about putting your money into something that makes you happy,” he says.

And that seminar lead to Couillard’s eureka moment. “It just hit me at the right moment. We’ve got to stop burning fossil fuels. Instead of just talking about it, what if I really make a big effort. What if I get as many solar voltaic systems installed as I possibly can until the end of my time?”

Couillard and his wife partnered with the advocacy group RENEW Wisconsin to create Solar for Good, an initiative to award grants to nonprofits to assist them in installing solar PV.

Couillard believes “we all” have to transition to renewable energy. “I think people are waiting for somebody else to do it. They’re waiting for the power companies to do it. They’re waiting for our legislators to do it. They’re waiting for somebody else to get it done. I just don’t think that’s going to happen. It’s going to need to come from the people at the bottom, because there’s a lot of money burning fossil fuels and the people that are in power do not want to stop doing that.”

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Componex Solar Installation

Componex solar installation (photo courtesy of Componex)

Solar School Panels Installed by Arch Electric