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April 16, 2020 1:46 pm
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We understand this is an uncertain time and would like you to know that we are in this together.  We value our employees’ health, as well as their families’ and yours.  Protecting our staff and customers is our top priority as we navigate this time together.  Please feel free to communicate any special requests that you or your family would see value in, and we would be happy to oblige.  The sun continues to shine, and we are here to ensure you can safely capture its value.

Steps Arch Electric is taking to prevent the spread of Covid19

  1. Ensuring our employees are taking appropriate precautions.
  • Requiring symptomatic employees to remain at home.
  • Requiring any employees in contact with symptomatic individuals to stay at home
  • Equipment is being wiped down after use.
  • Commonly used items of employees are being sanitized
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is being used by field staff.
  • Limit entrance to home to 1 person and only when required
  • Residential customer restrooms are not being utilized by employees
  • Employees call site-owners prior to approaching property
  • Gloves are worn by on-site employees
  • Any employee entering sites either covers shoes or removes them
  1. Performing solar consultations remotely.

We’re using MS Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom to enable “face to face” communication with our clients. Other solar-specific software we use allows us to produce system designs from satellite images or building plans.  This technology, as well as basic phone conversations, are also offered as a communication method even with on-site employees, so as to limit contact and increase distance.

  1. Visiting site only when required and approved by client.

Our staff is only visiting sites when required, as in the case of installation. We only visit if the customer approves, and request anyone with CDC specified symptoms inform us of those symptoms.


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