4 Things We Love About Solar!

February 2, 2020 6:51 pm
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Let’s be honest, we have things we love about solar for days (all of the days). However, you probably only have ten minutes to read this, so we will give you our top four.

1. It’s Local

Compared to other forms of energy that we have access to, solar energy is one that we can harness right here at our own homes. If you’ve been keeping up with renewable energy news, you’re probably familiar with the solar farms that are being built in communities in Western WI, providing jobs to locals and energy to the town and surrounding areas. Can you say #homegrown?

2. The Obvious Lack of a Utility Bill

With the cost of solar technology coming down, the return-on-investment is getting shorter. The impact on the “Amount Owed” line from your utility company is instant (so is the smile you get when you pay it). The average ROI for residential customers is 7-10 years, but it frees up cash on a monthly basis for you to save for things like an electric vehicle or that organic fair trade coffee from your local barista.

3. A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Despite what you may have read in some dark places on the internet, using fossil fuels for energy is bad. Like, really bad. (A little louder for the people in the back). They are unsustainable and pollute this planet we call home. Utilizing renewable energy such as solar to produce electricity uses nature’s most powerful source of energy – the sun.

4. It’s Low Maintenance

Solar has no moving parts, making it very easy to maintain. Once solar is installed on your roof, it just sits there and does its job. Like that one guy at the office who kind of just seems to live there (We see you, Dan!). Luckily with live online monitoring, you get a here-and-now look at how your system is producing, proving this quiet form of energy takes a ‘less talk, more action’ approach to powering your home

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